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DolTek Ammo Re-Uploaded ver2007

Precision ammo targeting computer skin.

  1. Delphince
    Extreme precision.
    Maximum eye-trackability.
    Minimum interference.

    Land a Hitman round on an attacking 'Vader at 4950 meters. Extensively calibrated with years of fine-tuning, this new set of targeting reticules will give you a definitive edge in combat if your prefer PROJECTILE weaponry.

    Extract and drop to the main \Jumpgate directory, even while the game is active.


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  1. Re-uploaded

Recent Reviews

  1. samwise
    Version: Re-Uploaded ver2007
    The new HUD seems to target small flux better with less need for lead and lag. Works for me (us: spitmcgee, samwise and wisesam).