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DolTek Soundpack by Delphince Re-Uploaded ver2007

Jumpgate client replacement sound pack.

  1. Delphince
    The popular sound pack is back! Upgrade your audio experience with this classic sound pack from the golden days of the game. Replace those weak, shrill, and at times completely inappropriate sound effects with audio that is far more like what you'd expect. Weapons strikes slam your hull with a metallic groan, shields pound and crackle under pressure, rockets flare, lasers pulse, guns burst, afterburners kick! Even the critical FlashFire sounds far more like what you'd expect to hear when you're fleeing for your life or chasing down your target...it even comes with a timer so you don't get caught off-guard in the heat of battle.

    Get ready to hear what you've been missing. Installation instructions are included.

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  1. Jump
    Version: Re-Uploaded ver2007
    Great Job. Thanks for sharing