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JG Explorer 2015-05-25

For Arty Search Very easy to use

  1. Honkwomp
    If you want to arty hunt, this is for you. I found this to be much easier to use that JG-ROT which seems to be the main program going around

    Easy to setup easy to use. Just unzip the folder. No install necessary
    From the drop down menu, select a search pattern, and then click the arrow pointed to the left to load. Then, double click the first set of coordinates to place them in the window at the top. From jumpgate, hit the end key on your keyboard to load the coordinates. Hit end to load the next set etc. It does not loop back so when you have done your last checkpoint, alt tab out, re-load the first coordinate.

    You can easily use the dat files from myrotacol. I included a couple of mine which I made by trimming just one search pattern, pasting into notepad and then saving it as a .rot file in the rotacol data folder. I
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