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new huge roid dat file 2016-05-30

new huge roid dat file

  1. Atlantis
    i have maped 20 huge roid points.. some are hollowed and some are leaky.. custom and ice..
    the hollowed has almost 100 units of ore.. the leaky havent mesure them, but they are more than big ones..

    the txt file i have upload can be added inside myrotacol.dat, if you can edit them..

    or it can work alone after you rename it to dat..

    by replacing the myrotacol file from jgrot roid list..

    have fun ..
    a new one found.. add this to the file.. to the gustom roids
    [Oct Dark Gatway]
    -32.6 6.7 -18.9 hollowes <1>

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  1. GrimGriz
    Version: 2016-05-30
    Might as well be a regular post to cut and paste vs. download...