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Space Engineers 01.098

Sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works.

  1. Update 01.108 Released - 12th November 2015

    Can't fail to add this update to the resource.

    Planets have been released. Have fun!

    Planetary Features

    - planets and moons (tons of new assets, sounds and textures added)
    - planet types: Earth-like (atmosphere with oxygen), Mars-like (no oxygen, thinner atmosphere), Alien (low oxygen, denser atmosphere)
    - moon types: Earth-like Moon (no atmosphere), Europa (thin...
  2. Update 01.098 Released - 3rd September 2015

    Bug fixing continues.

    This week we made changes that are improving the performance for solar panels in both DX9 and DX11 and also fixed the performance issue when the player was looking on window blocks and solar panels in DX11.

    Additionally, we fixed a long requested problem in the programmable block scripting.
  3. 01.086 Released 11th June 2015 - Space Race scenario, scenario editor


    A new scenario has been added to the game: Space Race! This is the first multiplayer mission that we have added so far, so more features and options will be added later on. We’ve also implemented a new scenario editor where you can set the lose/win conditions and set up your own scenario (single and multiplayer). Currently, the only type of game scenario that you can create is a race - but more features and options will be added in future updates, so more types of missions...
  4. Space Engineers 01.063 Released - 1st January 2015


    Happy New Year Space Engineers! Our first update of this year includes a very special and highly anticipated feature. Programmable block (aka “in-game programming”) has been added! The block is fully programmable within the game’s environment and world. Programming is now an integral part of the gameplay (this is not modding – that has been added a few months earlier). Programmable block can access other blocks in a grid or through antennas, open and close...
  5. Build 01.030 Released - 15th May 2014


    We have added missile turrets and curved conveyor tube. Also we have redesigned the default ships and the starting platform in order to be used more effectively for the new features.

    Turrets can target all moving objects; cargo ships use turrets as defense systems, including the new missile turret. Projectile weapons and small ship cockpits were re-balanced, enjoy dogfights!

    - added missile turrets
    - added curved conveyor...
  6. Build 01.029 Released - 8th May 2014


    Added the option of grouping items in the Control Panel - it helps you to control and manage multiple items and objects with only one click. Also added the “reverse” button for rotors and landing gears in the Control Panel.

    We also want to inform you that in the present we are focusing mostly on bug-fixing and stabilizing.

    - grouping items in Control Panel (this is a first work-in-progress version, keybinding will come later)
    - pause...
  7. Build 01.028 Released - 1st May 2014

    Added the grinder for large ships - it helps you to disassemble blocks faster and in a much larger amount comparing to the hand-grinder. We have also added the option to adjust the gyro force - useful for ships made by a small number of blocks.

    - large ship grinder – disassemble blocks faster and in larger amount
    - gyro force can be adjusted (useful for small sized ships)
    - decreased the durability of the glass blocks
    - pause button is now...
  8. Build 01.027 Released - 24th April 2014


    We have added wheels (so you can build vehicles), missile launcher for large ships and platforms, functional turrets (gatling and interior; used as defense mechanism) and decoy block which can be used as aiming target for the turrets. We also added the pause button in offline mode.

    - wheels - use them with rotors and artificial mass to build vehicles
    - automatic turrets – gatling and interior turrets are now functional. They aim...
  9. Build 01.026 Released - 17th April 2014

    Conveyors are now available in Space Engineers! This is the first WIP version and a realistic and more complete version will be added later. With the conveyors system you will be able to collect and transport inventory items from one location to another. We have also added the collector – helps you to collect small objects - and the connector – helps you to throw items from inventory to space.

    - conveyor tube - move items from...
  10. Build 01.025 Released - 10th April 2014


    Update 01.025 has been released. We have added new glass window blocks, artificial mass block and two new types of large ship cockpits. Also, we have reduced the meteor velocity and made the rendering and game-updating independent which helps to increase the performance and removes FPS limit.

    - glass window blocks
    - two new types of large ship cockpits - can be used in first and third person view
    - artificial mass block – can be used to...