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Plot Alt-Lords and Roles to Play (OOC)

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Discussions' started by GrimGriz, May 11, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    Though perhaps first mastered by @Drevent (as far as I know), who may also be @clanlord (as far as I know) - since I like the word and CL was the first dude who I saw do it as an RP squad (they make repair beams and park at each faction station) - I'm calling someone who runs a lot of alts for RP purposes an Alt-lord. Adopt the term, roll with it.

    Given GrimGriz's personal RP, it seemed the best use of my alt-lord accounts was to bring life to one of his background NPCs. To the extent the GM allows it as cannon, Edgar Reece developed one of the patents for the genetic modification they used to send us into space (he lives on Cornea), had a thing for GG's mom and got him in the program. This wealth resulted in Edgar Reece Industries, a biomedical giant. Because of who he is, people in Hyperial wanted to be his friend. Plot happens, and this Captain of Industry decides planetary success isn't enough - and when most people his age retire, he expand his operations into space.

    When you first start running alts, it's because the quants have a mining bonus or something and you want to see how the other side lives. Perhaps in CL's case, you start wishing things existed in the universe with your main and you start at least making them exist for everyone else playing.

    It is challenging to find people you trust enough to fly an alt - especially if that alt has motivations or a part to play in the story. Someone could wipe you of gear and credits, break character, or all sorts of mayhem. In our current situation, 4 of the guys I think I might trust enough might be the same meatbag behind the screen.

    One of the benefits of this sort of thing though, is since my goals have expanded beyond a single character - it leads me to create contracts - such as the one posted on these forums (thanks again @MLDeath ). Some of those contracts are entirely for story purposes. For example, I'm presently deciding how to shop out contracts for medical supplies to The Dark stations. OOC, the station ships RED1-3, GRN1-3, etc. are alts I hope people that don't normally play will fly once a month. IIC they're NPCs that signed their medical waiver and now have had god-knows-what done to them (thus the IC contract for med supplies).

    The means we use for communicating outside of the game complicate these matters. Anything I post is tagged as 'GrimGriz' unless I make separate OOG (out of game) accounts - this apparently did not end well for @RazorsKiss .

    It complicates matters to the extent these things must occur outside the game, but we don't have an in-game message box and we can't all exist at the same time. I recognize several people I see active in the list here on the discord, some not - but plenty don't use the discord and are only around in-game. Some people are open to email, and some people don't give their character any persona, and just pretend they're a person playing a video game.

    Depending on your level of character involvement, this is where you come in. While people running NPCs love it when you take the contracts (see Torn Danton in the #spacebar_pub on discord) - for those of you willing to help out in other ways, there are roles to play.

    It helps when KTRI isn't the only thing spreading gossip. If you read the articles or pick up things from F5 that are going on in the galaxy, bring them up on F5 so that people weren't around can find out there are opportunities for interaction with storylines.

    It helps when your character is known for what you do, so alts can reach out from an IC perspective. Some of my characters are doing things behind the other's backs, after all. I guess that's a nature of some alts - to be "the guy in the universe that does the thing".

    I originally created the PRI-SEC guys in the hopes some vets would tinker around with them during the reunion, and yet if any non-PVPers wanted to use them to chase @Gent30 for that story, that'd be awesome. Lacking ringers to fly them during RP events I've been thinking about parking them in bombers at strategic spots as "hired for infestation clearance" - whenever anyone wants to do it, there's an alt-wingman ready that doesn't have to fly hither and yon and change ships.

    I'm not sure about much of it. We have a unique thing here. Did you know D&D became a thing because war figurine guys wanted to figure out which figurine would win in a fight?