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Chat Apps, Ghosts and DSS

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Discussions' started by GrimGriz, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    For the purposes of this thread, Apps is those things on your phone, DSS is what you're familiar with, and Ghosts are not the ECM.

    By Ghosts I mean the ones like in Mario Kart - in the time trials, a recording of your inputs and thereby your performance. This is that crazy idea for late game I mentioned last week or the week before.

    First, the Impossible Part
    Discovering that you can have 4+ pilot accounts logged in and alt-tab, even in flight sets the stage for this one. I suspect there's some fancy 'virtual machine' way to do it so nothing ever actually has to be rendered on a screen - but you have a rig or 2 dedicated to the 'drone' accounts.

    Then, you record the Ghosts. I think everyone here has muscle memory enough to launch from a core station and make it out a gate. We do complete runs, maybe even up to and including orbit mining that nice patch of semi and ice in tranq minor. We have a slot for a 'ghost' for each DSS. The DSS loaded in the 'drone' accounts will determine what inputs they send to the server - and barring windstorms, flux dumps and various calamities, they should function fairly well.

    For the cargo runs, we record various mass-loads and then make sure the purchases add up to within the thresholds of those mass-inputs.

    So, for the rest of this post - assume the impossible. There's 64 pilot accounts that can be activated on cue, with 16 different "missions" they can run.

    Space Weapons Dealer - The App
    In SWD-TA, you watching advertisements while you play, credits US with money, and YOU with in-game credits you use to invest in Galactic Weapons Dealers in the JumpGate-TRI universe!

    After buying your stock i Aristio, you hire haulers to ensure that the flow of production continues. Oh no! Corridor isn't making Synthetics! Better send that hauler with chemicals from Cornea! Oh no! There's a windstorm in the Gurge, better delay that Run from Oct Core!

    Once you're rich enough, you can bribe the military to patrol the area your haulers are running through... or the pirates to patrol your competitors space lanes!
    This part is tricky, but I figure we make the app text the GM and he sets it up through Torn Danton on discord or something with whoever is online or whatever volunteer staff is available.

    Or, log in at jumpgate-tri.org, and destroy your competitors yourself!!