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News Father's Day Hot Rod Sale!

Discussion in 'Star Citizen News' started by News Bot, Jun 16, 2017.

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    May 22, 2013
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    News from the Star Citizen news feed

    Happy Father's Day!

    Greeting Citizens!

    Happy Father’s Day! We know the Star Citizen community is full of hard-working fathers… and we think they should play fast, too! In their honor, we’re bringing back two of our dedicated racing ‘hot rods’ for the weekend. Leave the real world in the dust and satisfy your mid-life crisis with the single-seat rocket of your dreams: the speedy M50 or the swift MISC Razor concept. The M50 is available to play in Star Citizen’s alpha today, while the Razor is coming up quickly behind it in Alpha 3.0. The sale runs through Tuesday, June 20th and we are also making the M50 available for all backers to test and enjoy through the weekend.

    Live on the Cutting Edge!

    Give him the closest shave he’s ever had with MISC’s hot new entry to the racing scene.

    Read the brochure



    Read Original Article at Roberts Space Industries.