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News Gamescom 2947 Details

Discussion in 'Star Citizen News' started by News Bot, Aug 11, 2017.

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    May 22, 2013
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    Gamescom 2947 is almost here, and Star Citizen’s presence will be felt throughout. This year, we have another booth on the show floor where anyone interested can see and try the latest Star Citizen Alpha. In addition, some of our favorite community streamers will be on hand to share the game with everyone who can’t make it to Cologne, and conduct their own interviews with CIG developers live from the showfloor. That’s all leading up to the main event on Friday night, where Chris Roberts will share the latest on Star Citizen’s development (and as always a surprise or two) with a backer-only crowd! As usual, Chris’ presentation will be livestreamed, so whether you’re attending the event or following from home, you won't have to miss out on a thing. All the details you need are available in this post. We look forward to showing you what’s next!

    Gameplay Streaming from the Showfloor

    Beginning on Wednesday, August 23rd we’ll continue the tradition we started last year by streaming four days of live Star Citizen gameplay and interviews directly from the our booth at A-051 in Hall 9 on the Gamescom showfloor. Hosted by CIG and members of the Star Citizen Twitch Community, tune in to see the latest Star Citizen game play, interviews with developers and fans alike, and a special post-presentation broadcast on Saturday.

    You can watch the broadcasts live on Twitch on the following days and times:

    Starting at 12pm CEST
    3am PDT
    10am UTC
    Starting at 12pm CEST
    3am PDT
    10am UTC
    Starting at 10am CEST
    1am PDT
    8am UTC
    Starting at 12pm CEST
    3am PDT
    10am UTC

    Fifth Annual Gamescom Presentation and Party

    We’re excited to be back at Gloria Theater on 9pm Friday, August 25th for another great show. Hosted by Chris Roberts, showcasing some of what we’ve been working on this year, and delivering some never-seen-before gameplay! If you’re not there in person you can watch live on Twitch, or join one of the 20+ Bar Citizens around the world and watch with the community.

    For those who have purchased tickets to the live event, you can

    Print your ticket

    For everyone else, we invite you to join the presentation as it’s broadcast LIVE on Twitch and YouTube at 9pm CEST / 12pm PDT / 7pm UTC

    Starting at 9pm CEST
    12pm PDT
    7pm UTC

    Meetups in Cologne during Gamescom Week

    We look forward to taking every opportunity we can to meet with the community during Gamescom week. We had so much fun last year, we’re planning a similar schedule!

    Join your fellow Star Citizens and members of the CIG development staff at the following locations:

    Wednesday, August 23th
    Join us at the Brauhaus Ohne Namen from 8pm to 10pm for drinks and a chance to chat with CIG staff.
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    Thursday, August 24th
    A place so nice we have to visit twice: We’re back at the Brauhaus Ohne Namen from 8pm to 10pm.
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    Then on Saturday 26th of August we will return to the Hyatt Beer Garden in the afternoon from 2pm onwards.

    Saturday, August 26th
    After the Fifth-Annual Gamescom Presentation and Party, we’re going to the Hyatt Beer Garden at 2pm.
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    Please feel free to join us there, share a drink and a story, and get to know the community.

    Read Original Article at Roberts Space Industries.