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Interrogation Report - RB2 Incident

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Roleplay/In Game/IC' started by GrimGriz, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    Subject has a previous history of clone memory integration (x3). Reportedly suffered a psychotic episode and destroyed a building in Quantar Core sector.

    Labs are reviewed. Subject's lithium levels are far below the threshold necessary to maintain memory coherence. 4200 mg administered 15 minutes prior to interrogation.

    SW: Why did you attack the repair beam facility?

    SUB: Hahahah aah aaah aaaoooow!
    SW: Why did you attack the repair beam facility?
    SUB: haha heh, because Mr. Do-Gooder double-crossed me! hahah
    SW: Again{1} - Why did you attack the repair beam facility?
    SUB: owww ah ah, it was supposed to be the Vantage Factory...
    SW: Go on{2}
    SUB: aaah hey hey - Nessos. Nessos was supposed to drop the shields on the Vantage Factory. He didn't, though... he double crossed me.
    SW: I am supposed to believe the Brotherhood meddler betrayed his own faction?{3}
    SUB: rrrrgh - he had a thing for Betty, hahaha - and now she's a Kraken...
    SUB: .... 2 was her brother, you know... that's why she

    SUB: We met up at Evening's End - he wanted a shot at Reece over Betty. I smelled a sucker. I told him if he wanted to get at Reece {10}... he said he'd already looked into it, was too squeaky clean.
    SUB: F'aaah dude. I told him the price was Jalil's lab. He said it was in the Vantage SF, and he'd take the shields down if I would {12}
    SUB: ... but he double-crossed me. Vantage Factory, Chemicals CP. Hell, I think it was my the last of my second volley that hit the RB CP. I was about to turn back when I saw the defense droid had launched.

    Twelve motivations were required to extract the information. 700 mg ketamine administered.


    Quarantine subject and monitor until further notice.

    - X. Scaggwhistle, attending
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