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Joystick Joystick has sticking points

Discussion in 'Peripherals' started by Cinders, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Cinders

    Cinders Recruit

    Aug 2, 2017
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    Got a used Saitek X52, great condition. Worked fine, but after I cleaned it all with some rubbing alcohol, I noticed it sticks and resists being pulled on X and Y axis. It makes a subtle "pop" and then swings fine, but when reverting to the deadzone, it does the same thing every pull. Mostly towards me (-X), but sometimes in other directions.

    I got some "super lube", a good, synthetic grease that's rated for plastic and metal. I lubed the spring (maybe it was the coils rubbing each other), the spring base (maybe it was grinding against the plastic collar), and even the metal dustcover below the plastic collar/spring base.

    I think it is the spring base that is a concave, plastic collar binding. It is lightly greased on all parts, but still binds under the pressure. It feels like it is not sliding right off the bat and is binding more under the increased pressure, then pops free and slides normally. The joystick tang (for lack of better word, the metal rod part of the joystick) is greased, the collar is greased, the spring is greased.

    What else can I try?