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Leaked Medical Report

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Roleplay/In Game/IC' started by GrimGriz, May 14, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    Staff report indicates nearby Quantar Flight Group swarmhunting, subject attempted to join as per public relations directives. Reportedly encountered and was downed by C16 in the swarm. LifePod returned to <-----> as normal, but when subject awoke went into seizure. Staff report subject would vary from active seizure state to comatose with incoherent mumblings (recording attached).

    Subject remained critical and additional medical supplies were needed. My fee was paid and I traveled to <------>.

    Subject in semi-coherent state and mumbling, pink effluvium emitting from ears and nostrils. Seizure began during examination, anticonvuslant cannabinoids administered.

    Transfusion begun to reduce the xCell count back below the 0.7 threshold, corpectomy site inspected and found to be intact, device functioning within parameters.

    Extended range transfer vulnerable to undetermined interference, install signal relay devices under reduced operating range protocols until further notice.

    - X. Scaggwhistle, attending