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Econ Mine or haul?

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Economy' started by Flowbar, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Flowbar

    Flowbar Senior Magnate

    Feb 1, 2006
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    I've always missed an overview of movable tier 1 commodities, so today I created one. It checks for the average of the highest and lowest prices, and any stock that is 50 credits cheaper per unit is added here. Simply put, if something important is low on stock here, it's hard to produce and make a profit, you need to get it from another station for a loss:

    Movable Tier 1 Commodities at Stations

    This calculation could be added to all "Tier N" pages really, and made sortable per column, since it's interesting to see what's available for shipment at all tiers and equipment types.

    As it looks right now, mining is probably more profitable than hauling, with important commodities being low on movable stock. On the other hand, taking a small loss for some tier 1 commodities can be outweighed by a bigger profit, including cargo mission bonues, of higher tier items.
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  2. Nesayar

    Nesayar Senior Magnate

    Feb 22, 2006
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    Hello Flowbar, exactly what I saw the last days. Started mining to produce some "critical" commodities in order to produce "critical" equipment, "critical" from my Quantar-point of view.

    Additionally I saw that the different ore-depots have randomly huge stocks of ore, broadcasted via TRI:. Wonder how they get filled up (Nanobot-Technology invented)?

    I always tried not to haul commodities from stations, where they are needed for production, i. e. higher prices. Sustainable production, means profitable production, but takes more time and sometimes starts from scratch (mining or hauling from a unreg station). And if you take > tier 1-commodities, that you did not produce, make sure that the production will keep going on so that the amount of hauled commods will be produced again, if possible in a timely manner.

    Your new overview is a usefull addition to blommaskog, thx for that!