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Wiki Mining Guide

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Economy' started by Flowbar, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. Flowbar

    Flowbar Senior Magnate

    Feb 1, 2006
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    Very basic introduction to Mining

    Mining is the process of using special mining laser guns to extract tier 1 commodities (stuff used to make other stuff, i.e. higher tier commodities and equipment) from asteroids. There are five mixed types - Common, Ice, Preciuos, Semifluxors and Radioactives, while every sector always contains one single asteroid, at range 15-38k meters (?) from the [0 0 0] gate (the first one selected when you enter a sector), which is "pure", i.e. consists of only one commodity (a metal or a semiconducting element, no gas or fluids).

    Mining missions

    A mining mission can always be taken to any TRI station, even if you are docked at it already. This is also recommended, get the ore first and only take the mission if you have the ore in your cargo hold already. At least one whole unit of the ore type needs to be sold to complete the mission. If selling less, you have to come back with more ore to fill the mission up and complete it, which is usually very inefficient. When mining mixed asteroids, you will get also a mix of the five ore types, meaning that a ship with 1 unit of cargo hold cannot mine a whole unit of any ore type. This makes some ships, like the Octavius starter ship Apteryx Ship Data, the Solrain level three Fast Shuttle Premia XL Ship Data or the Quantar level three Fast Shuttle Gust Ship Data terrible mining ships. Solrain and Quantar pilots can level by doing mining missions from level 0 already, staying in the starting ship until level 6 for the cargo shuttle with 8 cargo slots, while Octavius pilots need to wait until level 3 and the new shuttle.

    Selling more units of ore will give more bonus cresits and experience per unit sold, which makes mining a very important alternative for leveling a new pilot for especially Solrain and Quantar pilots. Selling more units will also give political rating increases with the faction of the station, according to this table:

    Level 0-11:
    1-5 units: +2 pol
    5+ units: +3 pol (needs a level 6 ship for cargo space 6-8)

    Level 12-20 (Fast Transport gets avaliable at level 12 with 12-16 cargo space):
    1-5 units: +1 pol
    5-10 units: +2 pol
    10+ units: +3 pol

    Level 21+ (Light Miner gets avaliable at level 21 with 65 cargo space):
    1-10 units: 0 pol
    10-15 units: +1 pol
    15-20 units: +2 pol
    20+ units: +3 pol

    Since Octavius ships have very small cargo holds, it is very time consuming to work on political rating increases using mining missions for low level Octavius pilots. Their low level ships also have mostly size 1 gun slots, which give lots of fire power when fighting conflux (or other pilots!), while only allowing for the despicable size 1 mining lasers, Excavator being the best one. Mining becomes viable at level 21 though, when the Light Miner gets available, with four size 2-3 guns and 60+ cargo capacity and also a size 3 ECM slot for an Antiflux (stops regular conflux from spawning when you enter a sector or launch from a POS).

    Solrain Ships are not very good for mining with their size 1 gun slots until level 9 and the Light Fighter, which has two size 2 slots (the size 2 Banker is much better than two size 1 Excavators,.

    Quantar always has a good ship for mining, considering gun sizes and cargo capacity at the level where it becomes available. Quantar ships also have an inherent +20% boost to mining laser extraction speed. Leveling a Quantar pilot with mining is also helped by the fact that all Quantar stations have common ore asteroids close, so it is easy to just launch, mine the cargo bay full from Common ore and then dock to take and complete one ore more missions.

    Light miners at level 21 make it possible, with their 60+ cargo capacity, to mine 20+ units of more than one ore type to be able to complete several +3 political rating mining missions per station docking. Combining this with a transport mission between two nearby stations, the Light Miner can help work your political rating up quickly.

    Pure asteroid mining is best left for level 30+ pilots who can buy the Heavy Miner ship type. With a Nubbler radar (avaliable at level 35?) it can see any asteoid ("roid") that could possibly be the single "pure" one in the sector by getting close to the [0 0 0] sector (X-Y-Z coordinates, and also always the first sector that is selected when you enter a new sector or launch from a dockable building). Since pure asteroids can contain up to 50-ish units of the commodity, the Light Miner easily gets full and is better used for mixed asteroid mining.

    Some gases can be extracted from the pesky storm clouds that harrass TRI space by fitting a FuelScoop and flying your ship at 400v+ (not all ships can do this with standard equipment). This is called "Gas Mining", but isn't really the same as regular Mining described here. It is a way to get the tier 1 commodities that are never found in pure asteroids, though.

    Diminishing returns

    Mining pure asteroids (see above) will always use the maximum mining speed from your equipment (mining lasers, ship bonus ML Amplifier MODx and ship speed (higher speed when mining increases the extraction rate), while mining mixed asteroids (the five types listed above) will be affected of falling mining speed - the current mining speed is lowered as ore is extracted from the asteroid (or "proportional to the percentage of remaining ore in the asteroid" to be formal). This simply means that it's not efficient to mine a mixed asteroid until it is empty ("cold", as it turns more blue as ore is extracted, to show depletion). When the extraction rate gets boringly slow, it is recommended to move on to another asteroid.

    There are reports about diminishing returns kicking in much slower, with delayed jumps, when different pilots mine the same asteroid at the same time, meaning that, in theory, several pilots can extract ore at a reasonably high speed at the same time if they coordinate their mining, but that when the mining speed catches up, all will get a very big reduction in mining speed. This can be used by squads to have small, but agile, ships with lots of big mining lasers team up on asteroids, and then have a large cargo ship nearby that can "steal" ore from the small ships using a Burglar and one or more InSight guns.

    Selling ore

    For small amounts of ore, or commodities, selling to the closest station is good enough, but for large mining ships it can be wise to study the production at different stations and choose an appropriate place to sell. It is always safe to sell to a Depot station, although the price will be slightly lower, to make the commodities available for experienced haulers who want to use them to build equipment or other commodities.

    Mining Medals

    For info on how to earn medals and get skill stars while you mine you can use the JSR Skill Star Guide.

    JSR JOSSH - Skill Star Guide
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  2. Jump

    Jump Administrator Staff Member

    May 22, 2004
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    The usual response I see. Thank you for you work on this @Flowbar. It's nice to finally see someone use the Wiki tools.
  3. Flowbar

    Flowbar Senior Magnate

    Feb 1, 2006
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    Thank you for your support. I like the idea of Wiki posts, so I really wanted to try it out.
  4. Daggerow

    Daggerow Initiate

    Jan 31, 2017
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    Thank you for your work Flowbar :BeerToast1:
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