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Recruitment Minuteman Starlines

Discussion in 'Organizations and Recruitment' started by Alymere, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Dec 1, 2019
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    DISCORD: Minuteman Starlines
    LINK: Minuteman Starlines [MINUTE] - Organizations - Roberts Space Industries

    Minuteman Starlines aims to be the quintessential affordable every man's starliner, we aim to provide affordable and reliable transport to any destination in the verse, even to xeno space. Though our population is currently limited, we are an active, friendly, and helpful population, who are always available when a member needs us.
    Guiding Principles (A.C.E.S)
    Affordable:We ensure the most affordable prices in a couple ways, first and foremost we separate our flights into two categories: Standard and Luxury, which we use to give us a basis for our charge. Then we utilize the system that we have nicknamed “P.I.G.S”: Penetrating Incremental Geographical System, in layman’s terms we offer you the most affordable price with negligible fees based on your current to final destination. In this way we leave our customers in charge of how far they wish to go by how far they wish to pay.

    Comfortable: Aboard our ships we offer every modern amenity that you find anywhere or any place, from affordable drinks, comfortable lounging to even guaranteed safety. With “Minuteman Starlines” every flight is like riding on the clouds, comfortable and serene.

    Expedient:Just like the Minuteman of old we respond even at a minute’s notice, which means that your flight should not take any longer than it needs to be. We take great care at departing and arriving from and to any destination at the prescribed times, because we know your time is precious to you and to us.

    Secure:We take the utmost caution and spare no expense when it comes to our security, that is why every flight is check and sured by a security team, along with fighter support. Even though your time is precious, your lives are priceless and so is your safety, so rest assured our Security Division shall keep you safe, always.

    Director of Operations: Regulates training of Starliner Pilots, Stewards/Stewardesses, and Security Personnel

    Director of Resources: Marketing, Sales, and Accounting.

    Director of Personnel: Recruitment, Contract Assignments, and Human Resources


    Section I: Mission Statement

    Section II: Founding

    Section III: Rules & Procedures

    Section IV: Promotions

    Section V: Security Division Regulation

    Section VI: Minuteman Deliveries Regulation

    Section VII: Minuteman Starlines Regulation

    Section VIII: Hiring Process

    Section IX: Affiliation and Sponsorshjp Program

    Section X: Discount Program

    Section XI:: Contractor Program


    Minuteman Starlines though a small organization, have negotiated contracts with other larger organizations to provide our members with Search-and-Rescue/Medical Care, Fuel, Contracts, Etc. It is our goal to provide a means of success for our members, and one way of doing this is assuring that any weaknesses we possess are fixed and bandaged, through negotiation and diplomacy.

    MediCORP Affiliated & MCG Board Represented

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