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Squad Octavius MF (Chiropteran)

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Discussions' started by luziferi, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. luziferi

    luziferi Recruit

    Oct 18, 2017
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    Hello everyone,

    I finally got my Oct MF now and am a little bit disappointed: did it get nerfed?
    The ship simply doesn't have enough power for a proper laser layout in my point of view.

    It only supports a S2 capacitor and S3 powerplant. I am using a Spore as capacitor and an Antagonizer as powerplant. The Instigator is lvl22 so I can't use that one.

    With those components I am only able to equip 4x Deceptor lasers, Not even 4x Lastlight. Not to mention any size 2 lasers like Thorn. But it gets worse: equipping 4x Deceptor is only possible when using Respect engines instead of Impeller which slows the ship down to a max. cruise speed of 404!!

    So I now got a MF with a cruise speed of 404 and 4x Deceptor lasers. This sounds like a bad joke to me.

    Did I miss something? What is the recommended laser layout for a chiropteran with lvl18? Which laser layout does the most damage?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. RazorsKiss

    RazorsKiss Moderator

    May 22, 2004
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    That's about the best you can do at-level, alas. The Chiro is actually a much better ammo ship at-level. You almost have to get that 22 PP to be useful. If you catch me in-game, I'll pick it up for you.
  3. luziferi

    luziferi Recruit

    Oct 18, 2017
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    Thanks for the offer but I'll carry the burden of being Octavius haha
    I found out that there actually IS a better laser layout so for everyone interested, here it is:

    PP: Antagonizer
    Engines: 2x Respect
    Capacitor: Spore
    Shield: Haven
    Radar: Chime
    Guns: 2x Warper, 1x Distorter

    It is only utilizing 3 gunslots BUT the damage is higher than using 4x Deceptor and with a delay of only 0.4 seconds those lasers are really kicking ass. With level 22 you can then install the instigator and go for 4 guns with 2x Warper and 2x Distorter.

    There is no better laser layout I think.
  4. brucemangee

    brucemangee Commander

    May 31, 2014
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    Why not go back to the Hawk or Raven? The damage difference is marginal in your loadout.

    The Oct MF is like the Quant Typhoon, you have to throttle down to shoot.
    You approach the target in a steep vector, at 4k you circle in. If you are in circle and in range put the throttle down to 50% (use AB if needed) and shoot like hell. If you have enough drift no ammo weapon (from Flux ;)) can hit you.
    Should be enough energy left for Thorns/Deceptors.
  5. Nafcon

    Nafcon Magnate

    Jun 3, 2005
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    Go for the Nix