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Wiki Production at Great Pillars - what to keep in mind

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Economy' started by Flowbar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Flowbar

    Flowbar Senior Magnate

    Feb 1, 2006
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    • Water will be consumed both for Chemicals and Octavia Light. Make sure all ingredients for Chemicals are present when adding Water or Ice Ore or most of the Water will be wasted. Grain is produced locally, so the beer production cannot be easily stopped.
    • The popular Dragon powerplants Centerfuge Mk. IV and TRIP-1 both need Electronics and Synthetics, so the station needs a lot of those. Synthetics is also used to make Electronics.
    • Missiles can comfortably be made, since Explosives and Chemicals are made locally.
    • Machined Parts are produced locally, which is great and very useful. They can be shipped to several other stations for a profit.
    • Ammunition is made from ingredients that are used to make other important stuff, most notably Explosives. There is no standard profit to be made, but I suppose faction or TRI missions can use it, so it is good to haul it away when it is around 500 units or the excess will start decaying. Ammunition production can be avoided by removing Zinc or not making Explosives, but all missiles need Explosives.
    • Optics is easily flooding the market. Shipping it away for a profit is possible, Hyperial for example.
    • Plutonium is made here and can be shipped to Amananth if over produced.