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Question for those in the know

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by jelomadnes, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. jelomadnes

    jelomadnes Marksman

    Jul 23, 2004
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    Which is better, Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen?

    Seems SC has better fan reviews than ED. Anyone play both? Comments welcome. I've been out of touch with online gaming for quite some time now, and just got a stick.

  2. Milkman

    Milkman Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 7, 2005
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    I would consider ED to be complete game therfore it wins by default. It has a decent flight model, and you can fight/haul/mine.

    SC is coming along and is playable, however still very buggy, and limited amount of things that can be done without spending ALOT of money, as rolls are ship dependent, and you can only test the ships you buy with actual cash. Once the game is released, Another 2 years?, then you will be able to earn ships ingame.

    Do remember though that ED is 4 player co-op max for the most part as party's only allow for 4 people. SC currently has a max party size of 8 i believe, but they are testing much larger groups intending for 50+ people to be in the same group and/or same large ship.

    In the end... it depends if you want to play a stable finished product with smaller scope(ED) or help test a very cool very larger game that won't likely be finished for years yet (SC).

    Or you can just go play jumpgate for free. ;)
  3. clanlord

    clanlord Knight

    Jan 19, 2005
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    neither JUMPGATE still the best out there , the rest is just eyecandy

    just my $0.02