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Plot Sentient Sighting 120.6.23 - After Action Report

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Discussions' started by GrimGriz, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    DuoPoint - GRN
    120.6.23 - The Dark

    I was in the biomassing Intensity from the Squidding Lounge down in Hyperial, working my way toward Oct Space to find some fluxxers to collaborate with. StopSign had reported for duty and had engaged a swarm in The Stith. Right after the message indicating his success dispatching the swarm, he alerted open comms to the sentient marker and infestation in The Dark. Seemed to me E.R.I. wasn't the only party inspecting the stations there, so I made my way across the top of Quantar space, activating their untuned beacons to help track the sentient's movements. This was finally a chance to retrieve some more sentient biomass.

    When I arrived in Sector, StopSign was already there but there was no sign of the Sentient. He was dispatching the usual flux lured by his jump into the sector. Then, there were Jellyfish, and we heard the song. There were about 4 or 5 Jelly and he called my attention to them on local comms. Several were near him, but one was distant. None were exhibiting the increased speed of the Sentients, but Jellyfish biomass is still very rare so I took a sample from the distant one.

    When it would target me, I would fly toward StopSign trying to give him a clean shot, and when it would target him I went for a sample. I managed to tickle it once for half-a-second, but my only real shot would have been when Stop flashed away wounded with it in pursuit. His flash led the Kraken away from me and I was unable to get in position. Meanwhile, the flux drawn by my jumpdrive signature remained a hindrance.

    Stop eventually retreated for repairs and was whittled to low armor, but the Kraken broke off him and let him limp away and turned its attention to me. I circled DuoPoint, but there was too much pressure from a regular manta for me to feel confident enough to engage. Eventually, the Sentient called in a regular Kraken for support (they aren't native to the sector), and I broke off toward the gate.

    As with StopSign, it whittled me to low armor and seemed to lose interest as I continued to flee toward the gate. I jumped in to Aman Gate, losing those flux tied to my jumpdrive signature. When I returned, the radar was clear.

    I made my way to DuoPoint - GRN and docked. There had been instructions for StopSign to have special access to claim his Gold DSS of Awesome from his recent victory, but access he did not have. When I went over to the station access panel, I was horrified to find nurse Betty's clothes on the station floor next to an open container of biomass, both near the station access panel. It seems half of the biomass had been spilled on the floor, and her clothes were suspended in the puddle of it.

    At the time of the this writing, cleanup is ongoing - and I suspect the Last Point gate remains infested outside.

    - GrimGriz, 5:39 Ekoo's, The Dark
  2. StopSign

    StopSign Initiate

    May 7, 2019
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    Sorry for my delayed additions to this report. This was my first encounter with a Sentient and fair to say it didn't go well. Partially due to my ship being outfitted with Railguns for regular fluxing they weren't the correct choice for this battle since the Sentient behaved like a pilot not a "fly straight at you" regular flux. I was unable to achieve reliable hits on it since it could travel over V500 and I was also experiencing some kind of lag which would cause it to jump in position every second or so. When I fled to GBS for repairs I contemplated switching to Featherfires but stuck with what I was familiar with. Upon returning to The Dark the Sentient had disappeared.
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