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Plot The Collapsing Universe

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Discussions' started by GrimGriz, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    I never got deeper than the edge of crypto, as it has that used car salesman sleaze vibe to it (no offense meant, we all pay rent), but I got onto this "seems like a money-laundering startup to me" social media thing called "steem" after they pulled Google+ inside the corporate firewalls. Essentially, your thumbs up were worth some fraction based on how many credits/steem you were holding - and you could actually cash out after some weeks. Like a casino, that part rarely happens and everyone wins.

    The interesting bit about this thing (to me) was that it was set up to be "decentralized" and all the data load was spread across 21 "witness" servers or some such. The company running the place was obviously terrible, but under the right circumstances the witness could ... I guess stick together and not implement their ebil changes, or something. Turns out that happened after Justin Sun bought it and it is now hive.blog (or something).

    When i was trying to wrap my brain around how the thing worked, my extensive attempts to understand the Jumpgate economy came into play. "The Witness are kind of like stations, they record the transactions". download.jpg

    You get the Bitcoin news when you're that close to the crypto nonsense, and so I tried to understand that a bit. Turns out, it's essentially a plot to make energon cubes. Computers burn electricity to crunch the numbers that "solve the puzzle" to make a Bitcoin, and like levels in JG that takes more and more each increment. There's supposed to be a level cap the BTC miners hit when the last coin is mined. That understanding comes into play as well.

    There were a lot of different communities trying to do stuff on steem, it was/is a community of crypto people and so they would be discussing and trying to implement the lastest developments. For whatever reason, they call their patches "hard forks", and when that happens, like in our games, the rules change slightly.

    The communities were doing things like developing tokens off the back of the basic currency, for things like forum games. I could thumb your post and give you a little steem, but I could also buy tokens like !beer - that would go into your exchange account when I typed it in your post.

    This is when I thought there might be a good Venn between supporting a games development and buying a crypto-token. There seemed to be some way I couldn't be arsed to think through, that a person buying a token with a variable value they could trade like "stocks of faith" in the project was ... well, it was weird I hadn't seen it yet.

    And then I saw something pretty much like this:

    It took me about 10 minutes to see it was a one-way street with the buying of ethereum, and that once again "gaming" was missing the mark.

    So, I have all those pieces and others in my head, and I see how it results in Jumpgate actually staying a perpetual universe, by collapsing. I've spent most of my manic cycle trying to figure out how best to pitch the notion, or even get it across in a way that people can understand.

    It feels like a recycle of the 'jumpgate resurrection" pdf I ended up emailing the president of bajillions back in the day.

    So, I'm just getting it out there as best I can. If people can kind of understand it (especially if they can see plot holes) that will help, but I just need it out of my brain.

    The big secret I discovered through the Jumpgate years is that human attention is the only thing that matters.

    Vets assuredly overlook the beauty of the basic concept of Jumpgate. You're operating a "person" in a universe rebuilding after a collapse. There're no telling what technologies will be discovered or developed, there's no telling where the game universe is going to go - and you're part of it. You might be the guy who goes down in KTRI history as the one who discoverd the new sector "Bees Knees" - and then that's a thing that happened in a place - where your ability to dock a ship influenced everyone else in the universe - the persistent universe, rebuilding itself after terrible collapse (after collapse, after collapse).


    I can't say how, if the fundamental was properly understood, the decision was ever made to release "episode 2" as episode 2 - but then it was like, had the team not abandoned the project to go make other smash successes, continued decisions in that direction would have driven it into the ground faster.

    That there was Istvan was the only reason there was hope at all - and when epic forum trolling ended up with light fighers that - omg - flew faster than heavy ones became an actual in-game thing, I was Ishmael.

    Heh, I started reading Don Quixote once, but I stopped to as not spoil the plot of my life. Of course they can totally take the sky from us - but I can still kill a laser manta, even if it is a C7 instead of C6 in this Collapse.

    The point was, and is, the beta experience was the specialist of Jumpgate's special sauce. Which faction would get the new ship, and which pilot would be the one that finished the mission? The size 3 Injustice is coming out soon(tm)!

    We can have that experience every time the universe collapses, and with this crypto currency nonsense...

    Ok - here's the part where I expect to lose people:
    - Crypo people like to invest in things with fluctuating prices
    - A galaxy economy tied to the value of crypto currency
    - - particularly with say, tokens for various weapons developers
    - - - would experience massive fluctuations in currency value whenever the game universe collapses

    "Hard Forks" will come. There will be "Collapses" or "Servers" or "Instances" where the Monsoon can mount the Sniper Rifle of Mortars and Dream Engines - and ones where it's a Bomber... Sometimes the patch notes will require an entire universe collapse. This is okay, this is us planning for that - this is where we develop into the culture that survives all collapses.

    - if you get the Witness thing, and how developer communities instantiate in association with them, tie them mentally to the existing stations. We also kick game development to the factional witnesses, but in a competition (for what's included in the next collapse/instance). Say the Wake team is working on the size 2 Thief and the Cornea team is working on a gravity-well missile, while the SC team is building a counter to what Corridor is putting in the next patch. - I see that manifesting in game as the return of factionalism.

    Collapsing the Universe
    No one knows when the last Bitcoin will be mined, and world events fluctuate the price.

    With development being a competition, when the universe collapses is better as an unknown. Following that Bitcoin notion, my thought is that the galaxy should collapse at some semi-predictable but unknowable time. If the universe's collapse is tied to the amount mined/consumed of a certain commodity - there is something very worthwhile to fight over.

    For example, say every collapse the dice rolls to pick a commod that the server reveals to no one. Say it picks cesium, and something like 42,394,239 units as the "start collapse scripts" moment. You build in things like "collapse waves" that occur more frequently as that commod is mined, the first one at half-way.

    The collapse waves are serious, enough to wobble the price of the crypto currency. Flying around in this, The Third Collapse, I fantasize about a wave of collapse energy taking out all the 2-point POS that have open slots. Stuff like that, with increasing severity as the universe nears collapse.

    There are 2 major things projected to be achieved with this design. First, intrigue and something to fight over. If you're someone not ready for the collapse, you may frown upon cesium mining once the playerbase figures out the cause. However, if your development team is prepared for the collapse and your competitors or other factions are not, you may be looking for every rad roid you can find (without getting shot).

    In a part I haven't figured out the particulars of, there's a way for in-game people to have at least a maximum amount of their resources saved and available at the start of the next instantiation. The first thought is by owning the game-crypto, but it feels like it should be something like owning the cesium. Like for every unit of cesium locked up in your 8-points markets and storage, you get 42c and 5 xp when the servers turn back on. Good luck on your next reconstruction maybe we'll build the HM at Outpost this time.

    I also have this fancy idea about recording your mining and hauling runs, and then letting people buy drones that fly those runs as fodder for pirates and escorts, but I probably lost you a ways back :)

    That I see this as "could work" is part of why it is so easy for me to still care. In my head I go as far as to have comp sci teachers having their students code for various factional dev teams :)
  2. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    Oh, I forgot the part about how there needs to be a way to cash out in game credits, so like - a market where you can by a game-token tradeable whereever for 10 million credits (or viarable rate) - because then gold farmers provide content :)
  3. Nesayar

    Nesayar Senior Magnate

    Feb 22, 2006
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    Tbh, I may need to read that multiple times to eventually get what you are heading for ... :Stooge:
  4. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    Yeah, I'm going to take another pass at writing it too :)