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Chat The Jumpgate we Have

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Discussions' started by GrimGriz, May 7, 2020.

  1. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    In case you're finding this - at all - and not immediately after, I recently held a JG 2020 FB Alumni Group Reunion Beta. As ridiculous as it was, it deserves a ridiculous name - and I'm definitely only beta at doing events.

    Any way, it was part of my self-soothing response to events in the meatspace world, of which I'm sure you are familiar. With everyone locked up, it was the best chance of getting people to swing by the old playground I was going to get - and if things kept getting worse, maybe the last last chance. We already missed our last chance to fly with plenty of folk, Rockdoctor and Rangerw - and anyone else who'll just not happen to cross this way again.

    In doing so, there were some interesting perspective shifts. The reason I titled this "The Jumpgate we Have" is because that's one of the bigger shifts that took place.

    The Private Server
    The first was when someone on the Warp Nexus discord referred to the JG we have as "the private server". I've come to think now, that like returning to a battered relationship - we assumed the player, heartless company, unsympathetic GM posture and ran with it. This part is particularly confusing to me because when the Universe emerged from the most previous collapse, I didn't own a joystick. I think I was rank 4 when I logged back in last year. I missed the WTF and attempts and communciation and whatnot with "the management" and "the new GM". I just figured it was decided Fence had already put the work in and somebody gave him the keys - whoever Fence or that somebody might be.
    (I think Evo, Lovemonk and SpiritOne I can name in their meatspace names, maybe Jump - but I think I get him confused with someone)

    But the pilot driving my meatbag has had plenty of F4s and F2s with the pilots driving yours - probably why C-note and MLDeath, DrPerky, Ambrosius - even Spork, Algore and Vorlon31 let me not be sitting alone in a shuttle in The Dark. People I've never met before helped me level accounts to get the thing set up. We've built the muscle memory and the persona interface to it - we're part pilot. Sure, it's videogame pilot - but I blame "The Last Starfighter" for that.

    I got to fly wing with my ole pal Lovemonk again - to see what he had at SDS, but still - that happened in this live i lived with the Earthlings. It was pretty cool. Thanks to some Russian everyone seems to have a hard time communicate with despite Google Translate, and like multilingual people...on a private server.

    The second big one came when I was bothering "GM-with-a-real-job" when he said something like remind or remember "I'm not Themis". He said he would have broken out a sentient if enough of you wankers showed up for the reunion BY THE WAY.

    I'm not Themis
    - but we ARE... or we could be. I could be, Ambro could be. Karash sure as hell could be. Ironically, Spirit could be if he had it. I thought maybe even @Gent30 could be, but I chase him in his LFs for his RP and he doesn't /home them in the Dark and PvP for mine...

    But seriously folks. What - with these numbers get one "governor" for each faction that bickers over how the GM plays with the production. We have these awesome set of forums for bickering about it. Let our worthless offspring turn that into news stories for him to run on UUNN. Let them each pick one faction mission a month.
    Why is it one guy?

    A Community Server
    The weirdest part was going through my emails with Istvan. That was apparently a pretty frequent thing at the end:
    The Prosthetics are being changed from a manufactured item to a tradegood, and I’ll turn them on in the next econ-related patch I can do. I’ve made a few small data format adjustments in the code to enable the work for that patch, but haven’t started the real code changes yet. It may be a couple of patches before I can get that going, but I want to do it soon, because this work itself enables adding contraband later.
    In some of the last, there was talk of releasing the IP to the community.

    Well, the IP wasn't released and the imminent hammer hasn't fallen yet. For some reason this guy has kept it running, and for some reason the GM has kept GMing. I don't know that those things are the doing of the person who owns the IP... i mean, OpenGate stalled as soon as this server went up...

    There's apparently rules.
    No new client - whether that means they'll never code one or we aren't allowed to is unclear to me.
    Has a real job - be glad the server is up, don't bug often​
    On the other hand -
    There's a boatload of armories I don't remember building
    There's a lot of buildings placed by someone without a rotacol (but Hyperial looks like happy face, good job)
    They are willing to provide story by tinkering with roids and irritating people​

    I don't see why some of the junkies can't step up and make IC decisions that provide a storyline - especially with a place like this to do it still running.

    ... but for now

    The econ workers that like to chat and stare at mining lasers with the coffee in the morning need an econ sink.
    I've build an arena of POS with accounts that won't cry about their stats for you to guest-fly. While to you, it won't make much more difference than losing another game of starcraft or another round of counterstrike, or tank battle in eastern europe - for us it will be something to gamble DSS on.

    Pick a night - I'll start with trying fridays. Open to doing both EU and US POS restockings
    If I get a hint of it working, there empty sectors in Unreg that would make great arenas.

    I'll always let players fly their own ships of course, and for RP purposes you can park at GBS where the remote controls are to the POS-fighters...

    ... but with the Jumpgate we have, we can still tell space stories. Especially if you people that still own damn joysticks will fly guest appearances. There's a guy going to be mining in Ring View tonight, let's have 3 rangers shooting down a Fast Transport smuggler happen in the area... We can stream/recprd that stuff. Now, while we still have the Jumpgate we Have.

    Joystick getting Floppy?
    Retire your account by enlisting the ERI retirement plan. We'll park you at the 0rph4n4ge in Reaches where the mining slaves make EMMA glow every morning. We totally won't use your account in arena appearances Lovemonk.

    Contact DUBERANGER for more information.

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  2. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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  3. Gent30

    Gent30 Crusader

    Jun 13, 2005
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    Sorry, I would have liked to have been there, I even probably could have been there. I feel my RP was a big mistake now, no one around, no one interested and I missed out on your events.

    During my scripting of the RP I was told that I would have more chance of being chased and downed during the week of your event which I was not aware of what it was before it started.

    I was also told to stay strictly IC on all channels during my RP. This has completely demotivated me as it means I should not participate in OOC events or other RPs. It has even demotivated me from logging in, no one to interact with.

    I really really do appreciate that you chased me, thanks, however it would be cool if you, anyone or even a whole bunch of you get me, I try to do it at the best EU and US timeslot available to me (around 20:00 UTC).

    I cannot say more atm until I have finished this stage of the RP after which I must decide whether to abandon or continue, the former seems more likely.

    Glad to hear that, means that there is a good community albeit a small one, maybe smaller if "some" people you didn't know you did know, but that would be OOC instead of IC.

    Anyways, well done GG, sounds like you found a way to get quite a few oldies back, some more drunk than others but that is hereditary ;)
  4. GrimGriz

    GrimGriz Senior Magnate

    Jul 18, 2004
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    It's no sweat - but seeing as one of me lost an AB4 to ya, I'm not going to pass up a chance to rib you.

    I knew you bit off a bit much when the amount of people to chase was that percentage of people on. Given my friendly towards Oct at the moment (for the news piece about prosthetics and what I thought was the war status resulting from it), I was half on there side. Then they went to TRI and there was less reason for me to shoot you. hopefully getting shot down today will move your story forward.

    My thing has the potential, but it too needs about 6 people to pop off - better if someone can keep score and everyone has a gentleman's agreement about the beacon - if that would even do it.

    Even for those that play and weren't interested in our nonsense - the nonsense going on is the thing.

    We could make Tuesday an OCT FM train-day or something :)
  5. Nesayar

    Nesayar Senior Magnate

    Feb 22, 2006
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    The Jumpgate we "thankfully still" Have - aka "Hotel California" ...

    ... you know it is there if you feel to fly a round.

    ... could be a lot more like it is, if more "pilot driven meatbags" log in, your intention.

    ... has backstorys and different channels to communicate (JSR, Discord, UUNN, TRI-Plog).

    Personally, I appreciate your superhuman efforts, you got medals for it :Grinyes: Hopefully there will be more pilots interested to fight in the arena in the coming weeks, the concept is totally new and sounds like fun, "Fight Club in the Dark".

    Hunting you pirate-tagged was a good experience and a welcomed change, you were the perfect enemy with the news from 118 in mind. Sadly you decided to work off that bounty :BiggrinangelA:

    My flight-time is reduced now again, but I plan to login regularly, friday sounds good for a fight in the arena.