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Econ Troublesome commodities

Discussion in 'Jumpgate Economy' started by Flowbar, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Flowbar

    Flowbar Senior Magnate

    Feb 1, 2006
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    My suggestions:

    1. Put a production cap on Trap, Ammunition, Armor, Octavia Light, Quanus Ice and Solrain stout to stop the drain of rare natural resources, like Magnesium and Water.

    2. Raise the prices for Antimony, Fiber Optics and Platinum where thouse resources are being used.

    3. For commodities that have a production cap higher than 500, raise the decay limit to the same number, at least at the producing station, so it stops destroying and producing once per hour. This includes Construction Materials and Grain.

    Motivation (wall of text!):

    When producing stuff at stations, there is some headache involved, since commodities don't stop producing at any specific cap (500 for most equipment), but there is still a decay every hour if there are more than 500 of those commodities present at a station, where 1-20 unit just disappear, which is usuall considered wasteful. Here is a list of commodities without any profitable hauls in the game, and most of them are not used for anything but possibly TRI/Faction missions:
    • Ammunition
    • Antimony
    • Armor
    • Construction Materials
    • Fiber Optics
    • Gemwoods
    • Medical Supplies
    • Octavia Light
    • Platinum
    • Quanus Ice
    • Solrain Stout
    • Trap
    Some of them don't use any other resources to get produced, including Construction Materials, Gemwoods and Medical Supplies. All of those also have a production cap, sometimes higher than the decay limit, for example, Cornea has a production cap of 2000 CMs, but a decay limit of probably 500, so the CM level rises and drops with about 10-11 units every hour (10 units disappear, then directly afterwards 10 units are produced, out of nothing, or rather "spawned"). Medical Supplies and Gemwoods have a production cap under the decay limit, meaning there is no regular drop and rise every hour.

    Ammunition, Armor, Octavia Light, Quanus Ice and Solrain Stout are all a bit strange, in that they are produced from other commodities, but there are no profitable hauls nor cargo missions, so they can in practice only be used for TRI/Faction missions or role playing. The fact that these commodities don't have a production cap, but still a decay limit, makes them some sort of natural "drain" or "sink" in the economic system, because if we ship Grain and Water to a beer producing station, it will get flooded with beer that will eventually disappear. This is a bit boring, considering how rare Water is in the game. Similarly for Ammunition, it is a tier 4 commodity that uses Synthetics, which uses the rare commodity Magnesium, while Armor uses Explosives, again using Magnesium. Since Magnesium is the mineral that is stopping the production of most missing equipment in the game now, it would be nice to do something about that natural drain on the Magnesium stock.

    Trap is a piece of equipment, and so should have a production cap and no decay limit, but it is configured as a commodity, meaning it is also a resource drain, again using Explosives which means Magnesium. I suggest a production cap on Traps for sure.

    Why Antimony, Fiber Optics and Platinum are missing any profitable hauls beats me, that looks like a mistake at the stations that use those commodities, because pilots will not be encouraged to ship them.
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  2. Flowbar

    Flowbar Senior Magnate

    Feb 1, 2006
    +80 / 3 / -0
    • Fiber Optics now pays more at Corridor, which means we can haul it there from Amananth.
    • Platinum now has three prices - highest at Corridor, intermediate at QC and GP and low everywhere else. Inconsistent, but still better than before.
    • Antimony still pays the same everywhere (well, it's a few credits more expensive at Amananth, where it is used, but that doesn't cover any tax at all). The price of Antimony should be around 5-10% higher at Amananth.